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We can custom fit your car to have the leather interior you want for a great price. 

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We are experts at auto interiors and can help you fix or replace your current interior with premium leather interiors. We can provide a leather upgrade to your car that looks just like it was built with the car. We are auto interior experts!

We use only the highest quality materials and provide fast, detail-oriented service. No matter whether you have a classic or contemporary, domestic or import, we’ve got you covered!


Let us repair your seats for you. From damaged foam to ripped, torn, burned, or sliced upholstery, we can  make it look good as new. 


Is the fabric lining drooping? Tired of using pins, tacks, and duck tape? Let us replace your headliner/visor fabric for you. Call us with your make and model and we will be happy to provide a quote over the phone. 


Have a cracked or worn dashboard? There's no need to spend a lot on a new dashboard—LR&U  has a more affordable option for you! We have premium dashboard covers made from top-of-the-line ABS plastic. We'll dye your cover to match your color request.


Our highly skilled technicians are equipped to repair or restore any trim panels or weather stripping in your vehicle. We will plan custom trim designs for any vehicle panel, including door molding, arm rests and door paneling.


Restore your vehicles showroom look with new clean automotive carpeting. The right carpet can do a world of good to your vehicle’s interior. Carpeting can also protect your vehicle from rust, mold and mildew as well as reduce sounds from the road while driving.

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